Child Custody

There is nothing more sensitive than family cases that involve a disagreement as to whom should have custody of the children. Child custody cases can be the most stressful and expensive cases in family law, since they will often have to be presented to a judge or a jury to decide who should have custody of the children. Because these cases deal with children, these cases are emotionally driven and therefore can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration.

In every child custody case, there are always one or both parents who think they should have primary custody of the children. The person granted primary custody of the children would be able to determine where that child lives and is also the parent who will receive child support. Some parents think, "Oh I will not win custody of my children because I am the father, and the mother has the advantage" or "oh I will not be awarded custody because I have a criminal record" and so on. Please do not pay attention to those myths.

Here at Armando M. Guerra and Associates PLLC, we will relentlessly fight to get you primary custody if that is what you require regardless of your gender or past history. We are prepared to present your case to a judge or a jury in order to secure your family's future.

Although it is generally best to settle a child custody case before getting to trial, unless one of the parents accepts the agreement the case will eventually proceed to a judge or jury trial. Let our firm fight for your custody rights and preserve the best interests of the children.

Please call and schedule your free phone consultation today. Do not wait until the last minute as these types of cases are usually very time sensitive. Calls are answered 24/7 for your convenience. Interviews can also be conducted via Face-time®.